Held on a very warm, very brights summer´s day, big ol´shades were the order of the day for Paul and Kevin´s super intimate, super stylish, feet in the sand celebration at Cap d´es Falco.

The collaboration between them and Velvet Circus Ibiza, our decoration wizards, as well as Ramo de Flores our (long suffering!!) florist produced the most dreamy, rustic scheme that only enhanced the beauty of the location, rather than from detracting from it in any way.

Vows were made under a simple rustic awning draped with chiffon and studded with white peonies and roses (which with some help survived the heat of the day) and guests watched on informally from over sized day beds.

Sangria flowed, the music played and as the sun set guests were invited to sit amongst the candles and fairy lights to enjoy a Mediterranean feast....an unforgettable, love filled Ibiza summer day x